About Tehuti

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Tehuti is about a group of young folks attending Tehuti University with the focus on their first semester at the university. Not all is at it seems at the school and the cast of characters that we follow reveal the inner workings of the school, as well as a larger struggle occurring outside the school and even the town itself. The heart of the story is focused on the main characters lives and their handling/understanding of the roles others play in their lives.
The characters themselves are a fun bunch close to my heart.I've been a yaoi fanfiction writer for many years and Tehuti was originally a short shounen ai/yaoi story I wrote back in 2000 when I just started writing yaoi fanfiction. The webcomic is my attempt at turning that old story into a short online graphic novel. The story and characters has undergone many revisions (for the better!)and was completed on August 25, 2013.

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