Name: Min Shen
DOB: August 20th, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 6'0"
Family: mother (Lei Shen), father(deceased), siblings (none)
Brief Info: Min lives with his mother in a two bedroom apartment in the heart of Ravenscroft city. He doesn't remember his father since he died when Min was a baby. Min is determined to go to a good university and dreams of being an author.

Name: Lei Shen
DOB: October 1st, 2075
Age: 40
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark Red
Height: 5'7"
Family:husband (deceased), children (Min)
Brief Info:Lei has been a single mother for most of Min's life. Her husband died in a car accident when Min was just three months old. She works as a real estate lawyer in the city of Ravenscroft.

Name: Byauken
DOB: April 14th
Age: 9,528 yrs (by human time)
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Dark Blue
Height: 6'8"
Family: None except for his clan - Bya of Liya
Brief Info: Byauken is the chief commander of the ISAS(Inter-stellar Axis Station). His organization monitors the energy fluxes of several galaxies and it's his job to alert members of inter-stellar guilds to respond to any dangers in their respective sectors. Byuaken has been in command for the past 5,000 years. He hasn't had a holiday in 300 years.

Name: Masayo Roshi
DOB: February 15th, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10"
Family: parents (divorced), older sister (Anya- deceased).
Brief Info: Masayo is a newly admitted student at Tehuti University. His main goal is to graduate and get a good job. He is also good friends with Nobu, whom he went to high school with.

Name: Nobu Kito
DOB: January 5th, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark Red
Hair: Dark Green
Height: 6'0"
Family: Parents (married), siblings (2 younger sisters, Regina & Lourdes)
Brief Info: Nobu is a newly admitted student at Tehuti University. He's great friends with Masayo and enjoys tormenting him with his bad jokes. Nobu is a bundle of energy and likes to put on a great show. He plays the violin.

Name: Ada Nnoga
DOB: April 23rd, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"
Family: parents (married), siblings (1 older sister- Lola and her twin brother- Lekan)
Brief Info: Ada is a newly admitted student at Tehuti University. She's travelled to many countries and enjoys meeting new people. She is often times quiet and meditaive and an excellent fencer.

Name: Arles Ixia
DOB: September 3rd, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Ice Blue
Height: 5'10"
Family: parents (married), siblings ( 1 older sister - Adelina)
Brief Info: Arles is the prince of the Ixian Royal Family on his planet of Ixia which was destroyed eons ago. Celeste, a subserviant planet to Ixia sent their best warrior known as the The Guardian of Celeste to protect him when his life was threatened. He ended up on Earth as a result of Aerie's sorcery. He now lives his new life as a human, bestowed with some of his powers from his former life. He intends to protect his new home and live as a good man.

Name: Leonidas Rei
DOB: March 4th, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Dark Purple
Height: 6'0"
Family: parents(married), siblings ( 1 older sister- Amaya, 2 younger brothers- Hector & Arman)
Brief Info: Leonidas is a new student at Tehuti University. He intends to make the best of his uni life and make lasting connections with people. He enjoys playing football(soccer) and has pictures of his family in his dorm room.

Name: Aerie Dexian
DOB: October 27th, 2097
Age: 18
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair: Dark Red
Height: 5'10"
Family: None
Brief Info: Aerie was once Min's best friend in their former life on Celeste and they trained in similar fields at the Celestian Sorcery Academy. He is now on Earth at Tehuti University to kill Arles and his motives are unknown.

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